11 Mar 2019

Tips for Your Gifts

What is a flat lay photo?

If you're on Instagram, you'll see that flat lay photos are all the rage. They are modern, trendy and for all practical purposes, show off each item in a gift basket.  To create a flat lay photo, you'll need three main elements.

1. Backdrop:  Your backdrop is your tabletop and the associated materials you're using to place under the items you are photographing.  This could include linens, marble tiles, wood tables and/or fabrics.  Use texture to pump up your photos.

2. Ancillary Items:  Trays, boards and other items can be used in your flat lay design but make a note in the description of the product as to what is included and not included.  

3. Items:  The actual items you're photographing should be shown in a casual manner.  Don't line them up.  Avoid showing the bottoms of boxes, UPC codes, etc.  Not all items have to lay down to be a flat lay design.

After you've set your flat lay, take the photo directly above and crop accordingly!