Vendor Terms and Conditions

We strive to ensure we have a streamlined, easy to understand and fair process and require the following terms and conditions to be adhered to at all times.

Order Management:  Orders will be emailed real time and are required to be accepted within 72 hours or the order will be canceled.  We request you acknowledge and ship the order within 48 hours.

Shipping:  We have flat rate shipping of $9 per case and recommned you sell your cases accordingly.  Your case size must be a part of the description. Tracking information must be uploaded within 48 hours.

Client Interaction:  We encourage client interaction and have enabled the system to allow questions to be emailed to you directly.  We ask that you respond to any questions, feedback or concerns within 24 hours.

Reviews:  Clients will be leaving you reviews on your profile.  Any negative reviews will be addressed directly to you until a proper result is reached.  

Monthly Membership:  Your monthly membership fee must be current at all times to received orders.  In addition to the monthly membership fee, we charge a 5% fee to cover credit card processing and the management of all order processes.  There is a one time set up fee of $85 that will be charged upon receipt of your csv of products and images.

Privacy:  We respect your right to privacy.  No information about your company, orders or customers will ever be shared under any circumstance.

Payment:  Payments to your account will be made via ACH using Stripe processing.  

Cancellation:  You are not in a contract and can cancel at anytime by emailing  Upon cancellation, your account will be immediately terminated and all items/profile will be removed.

Dropshipping:  If we are providing dropshipping services for you, a separate agreement and payment will be setup.  Should those terms not be adhered to, your Curate account will be suspended since we are unable to fill orders on your behalf.